Holm Managing Agents are indeed very proud of the fact that we do not just provide one or more pieces of the puzzle required to successfully manage your property, but rather that we are able to provide all the pieces of the puzzle, the one piece integrated with all the others, in a total and proven solution that has stood the test of time.

Company Background

Our company was established in September 2003 when the need within the building sector for a professional managing agent company were identified.

With intensive training by our staff and director, we would not only effectively act according to the sectional titles act, housing act, debt collectors act, but also provide cost effective solutions for managing the entity.example


Our industry leading approach to employee training has ensured our company’s ongoing success with respect to customer service delivery.
Focusing on specialized training such as meeting procedures, trustee training, health & safety, and building specific requirements (horticulture, lifts, swimming pools, air conditioning, etc.) is part of the ongoing training of our staff.

Management & Supervision


In our commitment to providing a comprehensive quality service to suit our customer’s requirements, our director and company is mindful of the importance of supervision as a vital part of management.
The building/s will be visited regularly and our management team will remain closely involved with the management of the entity.

You are seeking a professional team, which can give you the competitive edge to manage your property in the most professional and cost efficient way. Holm Managing Agents is committed to enhancing your property and therefore we are registered with the South African Estate Agents Board (EAAB), the Council for Debt Collectors as well as the National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA).